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Microdosing Mushrooms is the New Productivity Hack in Silicon Valley

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Spore Wellness Cognitive Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing refers to taking a very low dose of magic mushrooms once every few days. The technique of Microdosing psilocybin, or psilocin mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular and people are participating for a variety of reasons. Through microdosing, you can tap into the benefits of magic mushrooms without having full-body effects or feeling intoxicated. 

Microdosing Mushrooms is a powerful psychoactive substance that affects the mental function of the body. Many people use the substance as a career ladder that assists in renewed focus and improving moods in many cases.

Initially, people saw the drug as a way of losing control. Nowadays, it is an agent for reviving control. Usage is rising in Silicon Valley. In this area, many people, including billionaires, use it regularly. The drug is a hallucinogen that alters normal body functions. Due to the rise of technology, this hallucinogen’s distribution is easy and convenient in most regions. The use of this drug comes about with many people’s tendency to practice biohacking their bodies using drugs, vitamins, and even exercise. Nevertheless, mushroom microdose becomes the new productivity hack in Silicon Valley, and it has popularity among many users in the region.

Spore Wellness Cognitive Microdosing Mushrooms

Biohacking is becoming one of the broader psychedelic renaissances with a wide practice in the region. However, the residents of the region are considering the use of microdose to undertake the hacking processes. The experiment shows that microdosing is one of the substance abuse which provides an extreme extent of hallucinogen. The product contains ayahuasca which has elements of the psychoactive compound DMT. DMT functions like a class A substance which is predominately used in the UK. Initially, the people used the compound to trip the profound result of ego death. However, the public views the drug as an element for enlightenment, and therefore, it comes at a cost. However, those who abuse this drug exhibit some negative health effects like; vomiting and diarrhea. Similarly, some people use the portion to perform a highly controlled ritual when doctors are on standby.

Nevertheless, microdose sometimes impact positively on psychological wellbeing. However, a person has to practice regular microdosing to realize the full health benefits of the drug. Many uses of the drug argue that microdosing can reduce depression, headache, and mental illness. The supporters argue that microdosing balances the mental imbalances, thereby reducing the general cost of treatment. The drug users state that the drug can reduce or eliminate heroin and alcohol addiction and solve mental health problems from the adult age. Besides, the users believe that microdosing helps solve many medical problems and enhance addictions from some drugs. However, the major question is whether the benefits surpass the risk. A scientist did research on potential benefits by conducting a series of surveys. The first instance of the test involved injecting a rat with the drug and exposing it to the pray. The research indicated that the rat had less fear and showed fewer rodents’ fear responses. The study indicated that this drug could assist in treating anxiety and PTSD.

Similarly, the scientist conducted another research to determine the effect of the chemicals on nutrition. The researchers began by comparing the current use of microdosing psychedelics to the illegal use of anabolic steroids in the earlier day. The scientist identified that the bodybuilders in the earlier days realized a negative impact on their muscles’ growth. Therefore, the scientist emphasizes that the drug users should understand both risks and benefits of the drugs. These scholars argue that the consumer of this microdosing should use them in specific situations when they are sure of their health benefits since they have negative health effects. The prescribers suggest that microdosing should only happen after every forty days, and it should involve taking the drug only in the morning. After that, the user resumes back to their usual routine.

In Silicon Valley, microdosing mushrooms is the new hack where many people are involved in the practice. However, taking the drug either in a small or large quality affects the physical and mental function of a person. Nevertheless, most of the effects of microdosing are positive since it allows many users to create many alternative solutions and solve many problems. Similarly, the research also indicates that many microdoses exhibit high concentration levels and high mental improvement levels, enabling them to engage in the high intense imaginative experience. Another study also indicates no direct link between mental illness and the use of the drug. However, there are long-term side effects due to the continuous use of microdosing shrooms, and therefore, the users must be aware of the effects.

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